The avoidance of…

Do you put off things that you were supposed to do in order to do more pleasurable things?  I think in some way we all do that.  This blog is a perfect example.  Last week I said that after Valentines I would focus on Fitness…well it seems as though fitness got put on the back burner while I scoped out  all the NYFW runway shows.

So today is Friday and I have put very little effort into Fitness this week, both personally and professionally.  So here is what I have for you…make it fun, make it achievable and make it your goal to work it into your day even if it is only 10 minutes, I assure you it will pay off.

If you visit my Pinterest,  I have a link for Tracey Anderson’s 12 minute arm workout!  d83970b6db6edc4a6757a9517c9dbe80

Trust me she is great and for 12 minutes of your day you will see results.  So check out my Fitness board and stop procrastinating!


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