life is wonderful

life is wonderful

Life is about appreciation and humility.  These are things we learn as we get older and experience our own mountains and valleys.  Just remember the trials of life are inevitable,but misery is optional.

Love the look of this cozy outfit!  Pair a favorite pair of jeans with a cashmere sweater and a warm scarf and cross-body bag,  Get out a map and choose an area, close your eyes and point to a destination.  Grab your hubby, your significant other or even make it a me trip and hit the road.  Take in all the sites along the way, smell the air and relish in life.  Have a great meal when you arrive at your destination.  Buy or find a souvenir to take home, even if its a wild flower you pick.  Take it home and press it in your favorite book.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!  Enjoy!

J Crew brown sweater
$315 –


Chloé brown purse
$1,995 –

Plaid shawl

Flower stem


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